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My photography over the years has covered a wide range of subjects and styles. However, the work that has most defined my career is the result of
my commitment to several very ambitious documentary projects. In time, this has led to me being percieved primarily as a documentary

I was part of a large collaborative documentary project on the Minnesota Iron Range, exploring the plight of the miners and their communities which
were being devastated by the massive economic upheaval in the steel industry. It was very significant work and helped shape my attitudes toward the
relationship between the photogrpher and the subject. The best of that work was prominently displayed in the very communities that it documented
and the people and places included were declared unequivocally to be the worthy subjects of art. It wasn't "taking" pictures in the literal sense of
extracting images, but participating in their world and sharing the results of the process.

Another significant project was a lengthy exploration of the presence and impact of the nuclear industry on this country, both military and civil. From
the "friendly atom" to nuclear brinksmanship to the profound issue of eternally toxic waste, I attempted to provide images that could give us some
insight into the physical, political and cultural implications of our participation in the nuclear age. Some of this work has been included in exhibitions
that have traveled internationally. The body of work is being considered for publication of a book on the subject.

I love First Friday. The open studios, the crowds, the artists and scenesters have made this an authentic cultural event for the community. It reminds
me vividly of the time when I lived in a warehouse in St. Paul that had been taken over by artists who interacted extensively with each other and the
community and which was essential to my development as an artist. First Friday is the undeniable declaration that art - if not always a living, is
certainly a necessary part of our life. I am having fun participating with my camera, with no agenda beyond enjoying myself and perhaps producing an
occasional worthy image. In that spirit I will be sharing some of those images with the public and hopefully the people who were momentarily present
in my lens.

I hope you enjoy as well.